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Natureville Beyond

Aakruthi Properties are plotted developers that took form in 2012.  Aakruthi Properties’ latest offering is a multiple-phased, 50 Acre township project named Natureville.

With over 3 years of meticulous planning starting with land acquisition in 2014, Natureville Phase 1 was launched in 2018 and was well received amongst the young and ambitious millennials who are extremely keen on seeking out and investing in value-for-money properties.

To aid in this process of acquiring new landowners the Aakruthi Properties Marketing Team reached out to JlionMedia to develop two unique landing pages, each oriented towards a specific set of clients.

One was oriented toward the general populous and the other toward high-value clientele which is a niche section of the population. Both landing pages would essentially contain the same information about the project “Natureville” but would have to have subtle differences in styling and layouts of the information.

Taking these requirements into consideration, we designed two unique landing pages very suitable and specific to the need. One Landing page contained modern fonts and softer edges and corners to keep the experience on the website rather pleasant and clean. The Second Landing page was oriented toward High-Value clientele and thus took on a more elegant, exclusive look with a sharp, sophisticated feel owing to the darker tones and smaller layout corners.