Case Study


Breaking Language Barriers: JlionMedia Empowers English Laoshi Ltd. with Multilingual Website and Seamless Payment Integration for Academic Success

English Laoshi Ltd., founded by Stefan Zak, identified a gap in the education sector, aiming to address the lack of transparency in Chinese proofreading services. Focused on Chinese students studying abroad, the company sought to showcase academic excellence through a user-friendly platform. JlionMedia took on the challenge of developing a Multilingual Business Website with custom features for document submission and integrated payment solutions.

The Challenge

English Laoshi was the brainchild of Stefan Zak based in the United Kingdom. As a speaker of Mandarin Chinese, he saw huge potential in the education space. The lack of transparency among the dominant academic Chinese proofreading companies, as well as the growing prominence of essay mills, fuelled his motivation to provide a better solution.
His business, English Laoshi Ltd., Strives to professionally bridge the gap between hard work and excellence. Their goal is to exhibit the merits of our clients’ hard work by transforming it into a fluid academic argument.
JlionMedia was tasked with the project of building a User-Friendly Business Website for the Translation and Proofreading services provided by English Laoshi. 

The company mainly catered to Chinese Students Studying Abroad and in China. The website thus was required to be Dual Lingual, in English and Mandarin with a scope for further languages to be added on.

A custom form was required for the submission of documents by the company’s clients. The form was required to ascertain the number of words in the essay or article and provide custom options for the proofreading required. The payment fee for the services was to be calculated based on the number of words and options selected and a suitable payment provider with the required wallets and payment options were to be chosen and integrated into the form.

The Result

JlionMedia developed a Multilingual, Responsive website based on Designs provided by the client, English Laoshi Ltd. The website had a base language of Mandarin and an alternate language of English which could be switched at any time on any page using a language button located on top of the website.

A custom form was created for document submission which calculated a payment amount based on the number of words and options selected. The form was integrated with STrip to provide WechatPay, and AliPay on top of International Credit / Debit cards to help Students within China to make the payment and avail of the services.

The website has seen much international traffic and a number of orders from foreign clients. The design of the website has also been updated by English Laoshi’s internal team owing to the user-friendly nature of the backend setup by JlionMedia. 

Soon after the completion of the project, JlionMedia developed a second website parallel to the original but in Thai (Siamese) catering to students in Thailand.

The Strategy

The project started out by listing the technical requirements of the client and their vision for the website. A wireframe design provided by the client was studied for layout and style. 

After initially researching compatible plugins and themes, WordPress was chosen as the suitable platform to build the website for its ease of use and integration. The website was then developed to match the designs provided, page for page. Furthermore, all the pages were made to be completely responsive, i.e. able to adapt to any screen size.

Once the base design was completed in English, A second language, Mandarin was integrated into the content of the website. Each of the pages was recreated in Mandarin and linked to their respective pages in English. This was to facilitate an easy language change on any page using a language switch button.

In the final stage, Forms for respective services were created with custom calculation algorithms. This enabled customers to select custom options for their translation or proofreading and submit the documents for the same. The form was linked to the Stripe Payment gateway wherein the customers could pay in WeChat Pay, AliPay, and other wallet payments in addition to International Debit/ Credit Cards. The forms were created in both languages English and Mandarin to provide a seamless user-friendly environment for the website’s customers.

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