Case Study


கயமை (Kayamai) is the brainchild of an inquisitive artist residing in the land of serendipity, Sri Lanka. With the ever-increasing popularity of the brand on the island, the Artist,  Aadhitya Jayaseelan enlisted JlionMedia to help take her brand of art and merchandise online and across the globe. Lead by Amith B V, JlionMedia Designed and developed an easy-to-use, eye-catching Responsive Online Platform from wherein she could display and sell her art to the world. Additional requirements included, analytics set up to monitor the site and social media store integrations. 

scope of Project


Web Design and Development

Social Media Marketing


Amith B V

The Challenge

To design and develop a responsive e-commerce website that aligns with the abstract vision of the artist. The website needed to include a method to monitor customers and an integration with social media networks that offer stores on their platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the website should be easy to use and accessible to the client to update products, quantities, and offers.

The outcome

JlionMedia put together a well-crafted website that shouted the artist’s brand and virtues. The website has seen much international fervor and following since its inception, Effectively taking the Brand, Kayamai across the world as it continues to constantly evolve grow.

The Strategy

The first step was to Gain Clarity on the Brand’s Intent, Positioning, and Requirements. After a couple of meetings with the artist, We decided to go for Shopify as its Platform offered a clean and trouble-free back-end, purpose-built to function as an E-commerce Store which made updating and maintaining products, collections, and customers a smooth and easy process. Shopify also offered in-store analytics and easy integrations with social platforms.
Art from Kayamai

The Process

The Design process first began with exploring and understanding the artist and the general direction of the art, after which we developed a color palette and typography system to use with the website. This was followed by conceptualizing the pages required and the layouts of the same.

Wireframes were quickly mocked up and after presentations and consultations, a design was finalized. Armed with a direction to go with and a map for the same, We went ahead developing Pages one by one, Including the Main Landing Page, Product Pages, Collection Pages, Contact, About, and the checkout pages.

Following this, the website was made responsive for mobile screens. The best practices were implemented to optimize it and have it look and feel as smooth as the desktop site.

Next up, we updated the product and their details including their variants. In addition, we also integrated shipping partners and a Drop-Shipping partner to provide additional products to certain regions. At the end of it, the store had over 500 Products live that shipped worldwide.
Finally, we integrated Facebook and Instagram Shopping channels to provide a means to sell and market the products directly to the Brands Social Following.

The Website

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